Benefits of Vitamins D3, K and B6 in L-arginine Plus

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Vitamins D3, K and B6 in L-arginine Plus make up just part of the overall ingredients of L-arginine Plus. The role of L-arginine in the production of nitric oxide is well known and covered in our other article ‘the power of L-arginine and the production of Nitric Oxide’. But what other health benefits can be attributed with the inclusion of these additional vitamins? Nutrition should always be paramount in achieving optimal health and the purpose of supplementation is to support an otherwise healthy diet. Here we will investigate vitamins D3, K and B6 in L-arginine Plus and the benefits derived.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 supplementation is vital for those populations who live in the Northern Hemisphere due to insufficient sunlight. Opinions upon the additional supplemenation required to make up the shortfall however differs within the medical fraternity. Many doctors prescribe a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement which falls short with the amount of vitamin D3 necessary but over prescribes the amount of calcium necessary. Calcium for most people is sufficient in a normal diet. A daily dosage of L-Arginine Plus doesn’t include any calcium but provides a choice of the amount of vitamin D3 per serving dependant upon the flavour. There is a 1000 IUs of vitamin D3 in the grape flavour whereas in the lime lemon and raspberry flavours there is 2500 IUs per serving. Vitamin D3 is vital for maintaining and building strong bones.

Vitamin K

Another vitamin, vitamin K is also a necessary to prevent the weakening of the bones and calcification of the arteries. The main source is from leafy green vegetables. Vitamin K has protects against osteoporosis and many of us fall short in consuming enough. Fortunately, L-Arginine Plus provides 20 mcg’s in each serving.

Vitamin B6

L-Arginine Plus includes 2 mg of vitamin B6 in each serving to rectify the dangers associated with being deficient. Symptoms of deficiency can include things like pins and needles, sleep problems, neuropathy, fatigue, and even a heart attack. Benefits include an increase of energy, help with muscle pain and an increase general mood and wellbeing.

This article mentions just three of the essential ingredients found in L-arginine Plus for a healthy lifestyle. For a full list of ingredients please go here. Certainly, with many chronically ill patients as well as healthy individuals, the benefits of regular use are undeniable.

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