L-arginine reduces the need for Covid-19 respiratory support

respiratory support l-arginine

A clinical trial undertaken between November 2020 and April 2021 here has found that the use of l-arginine reduces the need for respiratory support. Governments around the world have implemented the use of ventilators within hospitals in its fight against Covid-19. Many argue however, this cure is worse than the disease, a high percentage of people having not survived the procedure. The old adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’ is particularly important when considering this study. Readers may well consider therefore including l-arginine into to their supplementation.

The findings of the paper published in September 2021 are clinically very relevant in today’s world. The role L-arginine plays at the molecular level, discovered in 1998 found that nitric oxide acts as a cellular communicator. This discovery made by Robert Furchgott, Louis J Ignarro and Ferid Murrad won them each a Nobel prize in medicine. Further discoveries include that L-arginine along with L-citrulline and vitamin D3 help generate the production of Nitric oxide. This relaxes both the blood and lymph vessels. A healthy endothelium which is the inner lining of all blood vessels is key to maintain peak health. It is the endothelium that transmits oxygen and nutrients to vital organs of the body.

The above can all be verified by reading the Malinski study downloaded here. Many ardent daily l-arginine plus users testify about the health advantages gained from daily use. L-arginine plus is a food supplement that helps against the fight of cardiovascular disease. Found here to buy in the UK at very a very reasonable price, it also protects against Covid-19 respiratory problems.

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