How L-arginine plus can Boost your Immune System

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L-arginine Plus can boost your immune system in many ways. One of the most important factors in maintaining good health is to understand and support your immune system. A weak immune system can often equate to poor health leading to the onset of disease. As humans we are exposed to many toxins and poisons in our environment that constantly attack us during day-to-day living.

Components of the Immune System

There are five main components of the immune system, the skin, gastric acid, saliva, intestinal bacteria, and mucus. These protect us from everyday attack, the gut bacteria representing 80% of the overall immune system. Through these components, a strong immune system will activate our B, T and NK cells defending us from attacking pathogens. NK stands for ‘natural killer’ and as the name implies are there to kill those cells that are harmful.

It is important therefore to have a strong immune system which lessons the chances of an inflammatory response that occurs at the onset of tissue damage through disease. Inflammatory response to disease is a sign that the body is under attack. A strong immune system stimulates our cells to fight off those bad ones reducing inflammation. Providing both our nervous and hormonal systems are in good working order allowing the correct communication between cells, it is possible to recover quickly from many common ailments with a strong immune.

How L-arginine plus can help.

L-arginine plus has many ingredients included specifically to help prevent disease and boost the immune system. Two of the most important vitamins that can do this are vitamins C and D3. Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants you can take because it activates those good cells in the body to fight against the bad. Vitamin D3 on the other hand is an immune modulator that regulates the immune responses of our good cells helping prevent the onset of autoimmune disorders.

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